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Reason for the Founding of the Association

Increasingly, there is a need to see our world as a unity in which actions of individuals have a direct impact on other individuals in terms of their spatial and temporal components.

For years, due to advancing technology, the temporal component of an event has been increasingly less dependent on spatial distance in terms of its impact.

However, one should think about the fact that the spatial distance between cause and effect of many events, and thus also the influence of a temporal component on it, is becoming increasingly smaller.

From a geometric point of view, individuals are no longer distributed on a spherical surface in terms of the effect of events or actions, but are corner points of a geometric object that are equally far apart in pairs. With regard to time and space, the distribution of n individuals in our world can therefore be imagined as the arrangement of n vertices of a regular simplex in an (n-1)-dimensional space.

According to this model, all individuals are equally close and the behaviour of one individual results in an immediate change of state of all others. This is no longer purely theoretical but can increasingly be observed in our society and environment.

In order to meet the resulting requirements in a charitable manner with innovative concepts, the use of modern technologies and with the help of appropriate projects, the merger of interested parties into a corporation with its own legal personality is necessary. For this the association represents the most suitable legal form.


Aim and Purpose of the Association

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The association works through a coordinated use of paid membership dues in unity with the employment of innovative concepts and measures for the support of projects whose effects benefit the society in ecological, social, cultural or other idealistic way and correspond to the goal of a section as a supporting association.

If projects cannot be identified in a suitable form, they will be launched by the managing committee.


Statutes of the Association